Corinna Repetto, M.D., FACEP
Medical Director
This page was last updated: January 22, 2012
Dr. Repetto graduated from medical school in 1986, and is board certified in both internal and emergency medicine. She has devoted her professional life to the practice and improvement of urgent care and emergency medicine in three states, in both rural and urban settings. Since 1997 she has served as attending physician in the Emergency Department of Bloomington Hospital, the busiest ER in Indiana outside of Indianapolis, which treats 55,000 patients a year.

Dr. Repetto has extensive experience overseeing and instructing Emergency Medical Services Programs, and has served as Medical Director of Emergncy Medical Services in Monroe County Indiana since 1998. Together with Dr. Haskell, she was responsible for the innovative revision of the county's EMS protocols.

Curriculum vitae and references available on request
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